Everything evolves with time, and so have we.

Over the years, we have forayed not only into new products and offerings, services, and geographies but also into our corporate ideologies. Hence, we needed to change our perception to encapsulate the new in our business, vision, and overall evolution.

Brand Perception

We have rebranded ourselves with a new logo to focus on this change. Our new identity works as an anticipator for consumers to look for the new changes we are bringing. Our new logo assures our stakeholders that we are keeping up with the modern world.

The colour blue in our new identity indicates professionalism and trust while the wing design element symbolizes the company’s expansion and evolution to suit the new digital and mobile consumers.

Technology & Innovation

Digital technologies applied to textile dyes, auxiliaries, plastics raw materials, plastic chemicals, and glass fibers have also seen a breakthrough with the new wave of digitization, especially in the COVID-19 era. To stay relevant, if not ahead of our market, we have proudly and rapidly adapted to the world of digital innovation.

In today's world, we work with real-time data that enables us to run our businesses online. Logistics and procurement have greatly benefitted from automation in terms of reducing inefficiencies.

Employee Culture

We have evolved to understand that company culture or employee engagement isn’t just about perks and promotions. But a new culture-building approach, which makes everyone in the organization responsible, are really what the employees of today, desire. Hence, we adopted a ‘Shared- Responsibility model as a culture throughout our organization, involving all levels of employees and functions. This was to fill the gap between the existing culture and the desired culture.

Through a consistent effort toward employee engagement, we, as an organization is aiming to make a deep connection while creating a sense of purpose for each of our employees. We implement various policies that allow our enthusiastic employees to thrive with energy and commitment.

Sustainability is the future

Sustainability tops the list of concerns at Camex. We do not look at sustainability as just a responsibility but as a growth opportunity and a value driver.

As a company that offers chemicals and dyes, we are well aware of our product role in the lifecycle of many other industries and therefore, we consciously aim to ‘go green’ wherever possible.

At Camex, we must recognize and proactively manage potential sustainability risks, such as increased emissions, effluent disposal, inefficient logistics chain, and more. Thus, Camex strictly adheres to the policy of a green environment and is a proactive member of common ETP. Apart from this, it has made substantial investments in primary and secondary effluent treatment facilities and is being strictly monitored and regulated under the laid environment norms

Some of the key ways we adopt to improve our sustainability profile are through R&D, producing innovative new technology involving biotechnologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.


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