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Bringing smiles with colors & showing responsibility with sustainability Improving lives with goals of sustainability


Manufacturing the best Quality Organic and Inorganic dyestuffs, Textile Auxilaries, Plastic raw materials, Plastic Chemicals to meet the industry’s and chemicals to meet the industry’s demand is not an easy task, but we thrive in every challenge. The challenge is to ensure optimized performance and superior quality while maintaining every ethical role of sustainability.

We are building trust right from the manufacturing to its supply chain, and we are growing to be one of the best in every standard.

Products those are qualified to make an impact

Colors are the wisest invention and the choice for creating a versatile world and bringing an overwhelming freshness into our world.

Camex ltd is widely acclaimed for delivering a quality range of Dyestuffs, Auxilaries, Thickeners, Speciality Chemicals for textile as well as Plastic Chemicals, Glass Fiber with allied services to the customers with allied services to the customers and has taken an active role in promoting sustainability with the vision of responsibility towards consumers and concern for the planet.

Empower Reduction

Lesser the wastage, more the consumption is the first step in instilling reduction. As a part of the chemical industry, we must cater to every step of lesser wastage that leads to optimum utilization of available resources that in return ensures ultimate safety of our surroundings.

Ensure Recycling

Controlling the generation of wastes and recycling of such generated wastes for the environment protection and optimal management of waste disposal facilities not only prevents pollution but also reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.

Save the earth and start recycling

Encourage responsibility though sustainability

Camex Ltd exemplifies trust and transparency because not only it is our responsibility but is our commitment to practice social and environmental sustainability. With expertise in our industry, we inculcate the importance of the environment and its perseverance by adopting sustainable production techniques.


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