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CAMEX ® LIMITED provides the customers the widest possible choice of products for variety of applications and end - use related requirements.

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Camex Direct Dyes are anionic in nature with high substantivity for cellulosic, silk, jute, linen etc. These dyes are applied from an aqueous bath containing an electrolyte. The dyeing process is very simple & carried out in neutral or slightly alkaline dye-bath at or near boil. These dyes do not make any permanent chemical bond with the substrate and gets attached through week hydrogen bonding & Van der Waals' forces. A post-dyeing treatment with a cationic dye-fixing chemical improves its wash fastness.

Camex Light Fast Direct dyes have excellent light fastness. Application procedure is similar to normal Direct dyes. Some of the dyes of this range have light fastness even better than that of Reactive Dyes