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Camex Acid & Metal Complex Dyes have application in silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylic fibers from neutral to acid dye baths. Acid dyes can be categorized in three classes.

Levelling Acid Dyes

These are low molecular weight, mono-sulphonated dyes. mainly recommended for pastel to medium depth shades & are applied from a strong acidic (formic) bath.

Milling Acid Dyes

These dyes are mono & di - sulphonated dyes. These dyes are applied from weak acidic bath.

Super Milling Acid Dyes

These are di - sulphonated dyes with good fastness (wet & light) properties. They are mainly recommended for bright & brilliant shades. The application is similar to Milling Acid dyes.

Metal Complex Dyes

These are pre-metalized dyes. These dyes are a complex between one or two dye molecules attached with a metal ion. These dyes can be classified into two categories.

1:1 Metal Complex Dyes

These dyes are applied under a strongly acidic bath at a pH of 1.8 –2.5 with sulfuric acid or at a pH of 3-4 with formic acid. Glauber's salt is used as exhausting agent and organic leveling agents may also be used.

1:2 Metal Complex Dyes

Two dye molecules are complexed with the transition metal ion. The application pH range is moderately acidic to neutral (4 to 7).